Wednesday, June 15, 2011

knucklehead motor and viking parts

I spent the last few days helping my friend Dave out on his motor. It is a 47 motor for his California show bike. It turned out pretty nice. There were some minor obstacles to over come, but we made a pretty big dent in the project in the short amount of time that he was here.

I think that frog eyes are probably the coolest parts of all time. This bike is going to blow everyone away in ten days. Unfortunately for you guys, the bike is top secret and I can't post pics. sorry

Here is a cool picture of some of the neat stuff that we got from the viking meet in Saint Paul last week. Dave brought it over for us since we were on bikes and not able to haul stuff back on them. We scored a bunch of neat consumable parts for different projects.

Check out these little fork rockers that I got. They are so damn neat. Do any of you guys know what they are for. They look very similar to hd 45 rockers, just scaled down.

My dad is a sucker for these goo gaw lights. He is always picking them up.

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  1. Good collection of pictures. Your dad is a sucker for these goo gaw lights.
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