Friday, June 17, 2011

46 color and emblem options

One of my friends asked me about the different color options for emblems and paint jobs on 46 Harleys, I took these pictures for him and figured that you guys would enjoy seeing them too. 44 bikes had chrome emblems. 45 bikes were only available in gray or a few black bikes. 1945 only had three options for emblem color-- black, gray or blue. Cream was introduced in 46. The four colors for sheet metal in 46 were gray, black, flight red and skyway blue. My favorite combo out of all of these is skyway blue with light blue emblems. I plan to paint my wr these colors some day.

This one is my favorite.

This is second best. This is the set up that we are doing on Vern's 46. It is going to be sooooo clean

Good God, I hope nobody ever did this combo it is so ugly

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  1. You're totally spot on. The blue/blue combo kills.