Sunday, June 19, 2011

1929 water pump motor

My dad got back from the Nebraska road run. On his way down there he picked up a motor that we got a lead on a while back. It is a 29 jd motor. He bought it from the nephew of the original owners. Apparently two brothers owned the bike and rode it around. The transmission broke, so they took the motor and transmission out for farm duty. The chassis got scrapped in a metal drive sometime in the forties. The motor turns over well and has compression, there are a few broken fins and one small chip in a case bolt area. It should be a pretty easy fix.

Everything spins over very nicely, There is a bit too much end play on the flywheel assembly, but that should be pretty easy to fix. We would like to find a chassis for it, or build a cut down. I guess we will have to wait and see what transpires in the future.UH OH, the fan blade is missing.

Check out the different pulleys for running different speeds. This is farmer ingenuity at its finest.

I am told that these are 29 only cylinders because of the fins on the valve pocket connect to the cylinder fins. I guess the primer plugs are in a different spot as well.

It also came with a transmission case which is pretty nice. Do any of you guys have the rest of the parts to complete the transmission?

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