Monday, June 6, 2011

back from a whirl wind trip

I just got back from a 1500+ mile trip with Brittney and my friend Casey. We went to Saint Paul, Milwaukee and then back home. It was a blast.

Here is a picture of me giving Casey's son Cole his first motorcycle ride. What a lucky little three year old, his first ride was on a 36 OHV. I wish I could say that.

Here is a neat picture of the 36 and the 46 by the Mississippi with a train. I pulled onto the bike trail to take these pictures and a huge train came by. What a neat picture.

We stopped by my friend Paul's place while we were in Milwaukee. He let me ride his new ducat 1198. I guess it was the first one in Wisconsin. It is an amazing bike. I let him ride my 36, it was the first one that he ever got to ride.

We also went to Kevin Baas's open house. My friend David was there with his rusty 48. I have known David since I was nine or ten years old. He is a great friend and crafty mechanic.

Here is Casey on my 36 he ended up riding it for most of the trip. Brittney and I were miserable on the buddy seat and came to the conclusion that we should run a seat on a luggage rack with foot pegs rather than being crammed on the the buddy seat. Casey rode my el from Milwaukee to Minneapolis, where we found a solo seat to borrow from my good friend Dave P.

Our barn came today. I am pretty impressed by house movers. The back wheels of this rig are remote controlled. They can put it right where they want it.

Check it out!!!!! What a neat building.


  1. When you said you were getting a barn, I had absolutely no idea it would come in one piece! Verry cool!

  2. Crazy fuckers...buying a barn & moving it!