Friday, June 17, 2011

little details that sharpen the big picture

I got all of Don's tail light stuff sorted out today. There are three spots with in a five inches that say hd. It was important to have a strong brand identity seventy years ago, just like today

That is an original rubber gasket!

and the third spot!

I put together Jim's 39 bottom end this morning. The lifter blocks are just sitting on there for effect. This bike is going to be soooo nice. I will be starting on the chassis next week, so if you have a 39-- stay tuned.

Early HD screw machines left a rough finish on the hardware that they made. All of the machining finishes started to get refined in 42 because of the war effort. Anyways, these cam cover screws are reproduction screws that I get from colony and re turn the heads on to rough them up, then I have them re cad plated. It is a really minor detail that hardly anyone notices and nobody else does. What a bunch of work, but it is totally worth it.

Here is a shot of the oil pump!!!!!!! I love the aesthetics of these 36 to 40 pumps.


  1. Love the touch with the screw heads, class all the way Matt.

  2. Strong brand Identity?? I thought they did that; so that you as a consumer felt you were not paying a high price when you walk into a dealership. You pay a premium price for quality.