Sunday, June 19, 2011

36 to 40 muffler reducer pictures

Here is a picture of me in a hole. I tried digging for a while and realized that I am a better mechanic than a gopher.

I love warning stickers on machines. This was a new one that I had not seen before.

Brittney and I went up north to hang out with Delmar last night to brainstorm on some parts, tooling and eat pizza. Here is a picture of a prototype muffler reducer with a crimped on end next to an original wl reducer. The reducers had a some what long piece of metal that crimped over the muffler body. Nobody that has made these in the past has been able to accurately replicate this process and they kind of look hokey. Delmar built a machine and the dies to do it, and they are coming along nicely. The radius is a little squared off, but we have a game plan to solve this issue.

My friend Ken Presson sold me this project a few months ago, because he knew he didn't have time to finish it. There were enough pieces to make 20 mufflers, unfortunately pretty much everything that he had made was not up to snuff. I have to make new cans, new reducers, new baffles, etc... Unfortunately Ken passed away last sunday after a long fight with cancer. I will miss him, and am glad that he trusted me to finish this project. Anyways, the left reducer is one that he had made with the end already formed over, the center one is our prototype, the last one is an original one.

This is the crimping machine. It is pretty wild. I have to make a support for the muffler body, but it is pretty much ready to roll (no pun intended)

Here is a picture of the can in the end. It is pretty cool. I hope to have a prototype on my bike for my trip to Wauseon in a few weeks. I have most of these spoken for, but unfortunately i need to sell a few of them to help offset the cost of production, so if you need one email me and get on the list. It is a first come first serve type of deal. Thanks and happy fathers day.

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