Saturday, February 4, 2012

we got a dog warning card from the mail man yesterday

So our mail man put this card in our mail box this week.

Duke has been at the shop for two and a half years and the mail man never had a problem with him until this week. The mail man was pounding on the door and duke started barking. Duke has never hurt a fly, he is the nicest dog in the world. So now the mailman won't deliver boxes to the shop anymore. I have to go into the post office to pick them up. I don't know what his problem is, but it isn't duke. He has seen him almost every day for over two years with out a problem.
Does this look like a dangerous dog?

OH man, this picture is the equivalent to opening up an alligator's mouth.

Here is duke eating a pancake and being a happy dog with his tongue out. I don't see how anyone could be afraid or intimidated by such a nice animal.

This is a picture of duke with bovril, which is a beef extract from england. He isn't interested in it at all.

Look at this crazy stunt! I picked a dangerous dog up and spun him around in circles. I should take this act to vegas, I could open up for the tiger trainers.

And another picture of duke eating a pancake. A lot of you reading this have been to the shop and met duke. He is the most mellow dog ever.


  1. The peckerhead is lazy and dosen't wanna deliver all of those tasty parts you get so he just figured a way out.
    It's a government conspiracy
    Duct tape a pancake to has arse and let Duke get even.

  2. That's total crap!

    I walk into your shop one night (alone) turned on the light and Duke came bounding up to me to say "Hi". Without doubt the friendliest dog on the planet!

  3. Go and talk to the postmaster, it could have been a substitute carrier who doesn't know the pancake eater. Or, you should be able to make arrangements to drop the packages off at your Dad's house. Unless you like going to the PO.....

  4. your mailman is lazy and found a way to get out of his work.

  5. I've never even seen one of those stickers before! Oh yeah, the dog looks like a real monster, I'd be horrified too.... if I was a pancake!

  6. Years ago I had a mailman freak out over a little puppy. After talking to some other mailmen, come to find out at that time that the postal service would get all over the carriers about 'dog incidents'. Maybe the guy has had some problems with other dogs on his route? Maybe he's fighting some BS on his end. Kind of like the time I had a 'bear incident' in a National Park, the gal that came out to talk to us to see if we had been feeding the critter...Bureaucracy! Oh, and excellent blog and bikes! Really enjoy checking it out.

  7. Well it has been a week since I read this post, and I would like to know if that vicious looking beast has eaten anyone this week. I can barely look at the photo of him attacking the beef extract. Ravenous.