Thursday, February 2, 2012

45 wl update and Daisy's hair cut

My dad's favorite dog got a haircut today. Nice shirt

Miss Brittney and I have been plugging away on this wl for my friend Dave lately. It is coming along nicely, It is about half wired.

I have to get the front wheel trued up. It has a cream center with a red pinstripe just like the back rim. This bike is so cool. I love 45 frames, they look amazing.

The front fender for this bike started out as a stock three piece fender that was trimmed into an off center point in the front and the side skirts were removed. I cut off the hideous point and tried to leave as much of the point there as possible. It ended up really short in the front, but i think it looks really good. This is a fun bike to build.

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