Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday muffler pictures

This is a 36 and 37 fin, it is metal finished to a nice peak on the top. These ended up being a bit of a challenge. I am happy with the out come and they are worth the effort.

Here is a re worked 38 to 40 fin. What a bunch of work! I am glad that I got them done after two days of grinding, bending and sanding.

Here is what I started with. You can see where the new rivets are installed and where the fin needs to be cut. Check out the seam on top of the fin anc compare it to the picture above, you can see that it needs to be cut down and re welded. Stuff like this isn't really important to 99 percent of the people in the world, but it is to me.

After the fins are cut to the right length, re shaped, riveted and shaped on top and re welded, they get welded to the baffles. This assembly will slide through the top hat, canister and reducer then be spot welded in place.

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