Monday, August 1, 2011

Jim's 39 EL

I gathered up the bits and pieces for Jim's 39 yesterday and started on the roller this morning. Here is a picture of the fork and handlebars installed on the frame

Front Fender on and ready to go. THis is the first airway blue 39 that I have gotten to do. I like this color. It is very striking in person, and difficult to capture in pictures.

As it sits right now.

Pre War bikes had the bolt heads on top for the transmission adjusting strap. Check out the vented kicker cover. This is a one year only cover and very difficult to find

39 was the first year for a stainless steel handlebar lock plate, short acorn nuts and also for curved inner fork spring above and below the bushing casting on the front end. It was the last year for tall headed pinch bolts.

OOOO AAAAHHHH nos wire clips!!! I still have to get the headlight bracket painted along with some other bits and pieces.

This is a cool picture of the 39 and later steering dampener rod. It is forked and anchors on to a tab on the bottom plate. Earlier rods had a pin that anchored into a broached slot on the fork stem. Check out the anchor that goes from the fork to the frame, it is a nos piece that I bought at Davenport three years ago. It's perfect!

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