Tuesday, August 16, 2011

more sturgis pictures

Here is a picture Brittney took of us riding around on some gravel roads last monday.
This is the bike that won the amd show in sturgis this year. It took three and a half years to finish. It isn't really the type of bike that I would want to build or own, but the craftsmanship n all the parts was unbelievable. It is an amazing bike. I have seen a lot of pictures of it all over the internet and they do not come close to doing the bike justice.
Here is a picture of Lock and I with the builder Ken. He was very nice. After Lock and I were done drooling on his bike, he went out to the parking lot to check out our bikes.
Here is a picture of them on my 36, they were shocked that Brittney rides around on a pillow. I took them over to my friends shop to look at pre 15 bikes and they seemed to be into it. I asked them what they were going to do after they won the AMD show, and they said that they were going to the badlands to look at prairie dogs. They have a pet prairie dog back in Japan that they paid 4 grand for. I told them that I would give them as many prairie dogs as they want.
Here is a picture of miss Brittney with one of my heroes-- John Reed, he is a designer for custom chrome and has been designing, building and racing bikes since the sixties. google his name and check it out. He is inspirational.
We got to hang out with Gloria Struck for a while too. she is so adorable. She rode her softail from New Jersey to Sturgis. She is 86 and has been riding over 60 years. She sponsored Brittney to join the Motor Maids.

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  1. Matt,

    I recommend you give them one prairie dog and a stack of business cards. It sounds like you could turn it into a stack of greenbacks if you could figure out the shipping situation.

    That IS an interesting bike, but I have no idea what it's to be used for. All three of my machines have a place, and they're all to be ridden. I would have to have a lot of cash lying around before I spend that much money on something I couldn't use. It's still neat.

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