Monday, July 27, 2009

winner winner chicken dinner

We made it! It took 22.75 hours to go 1030 miles. It was the worst time that I have ever had on a bike. I would not recomend 20 plus hours of riding a buddy seat to anybody. It is gruesome.


  1. A huge CONGRATULATIONS Matt & Mara... if I was closer I'd buy the chicken dinner. You certainly earned it, and so has the bike!

  2. Nice job, guys! Thanks for the updates. It was fun to follow along.

  3. Matt & Mara, we are all so proud of what you two have done that words can not express it. Many people hear or read about people doing the Iron Butt 1,000 miles in 24 hours and assume it can't be that hard. Well, you two know better
    Buzz Kanter

  4. Nice job guys!!!!!!! Your living the dream most of would like to. Thanks for posting the updates ,I was routing for you s.

  5. A buddy seat of that era is cruel and unusual punishment under any circumstances,based on my experiences. Two-up, for that distance in that time, is outstanding and worthy of an award by itself!!

    And I still want to know the gearing to run that speed for that amount of time.


    Lonnie C.