Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The trip out to Mid Ohio!!!

Here is my back tire after getting a flat going 80mph on interstate 90

I never flip up rear fenders, because it chips the paint, Mara and I found a telephone pole and tried to get the bike off the ground with it, but it didn't work.

Here is a pic of us with the tire all fixed up. and ready to reinstall

This is Caleb, He stopped to help us out. I lifted up the back of the bike, Caleb balanced it, and Mara pulled the wheel out. Then Caleb gave me a ride to get the tire filled up. It worked well, this whole process took 3 hours, and ruined our Iron Butt attempt.

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  1. I was riding my '72 FLH with my sister-in-law behind me on the buddy seat, doing about 50 on an old country road and I felt the bike wiggling. I turned my head and said, "Quit wiggling!". She said "I'm not moving!" I said "Oh-Oh!!" Flat tire on the rear!! Gets a little squirrelly, wouldn't you agree? Especially at the speed you were traveling!

    Great ride, Matt and Mara! What's next?