Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iron Butt Knuckleheads

Here is a pic of the two bikes in Redfield. This is what knuckleheads look like after running 70 miles an hour for 22 hours straight.
My front intake lower tin cracked a line and sprayed oil all over the oil tank. I silver soldered it up for today's IbA run. The heads on my bike came with a basket case that my dad bought. I switched out my open rocker heads with these large port heads to cut down on oil consumption.

Here is Jack in Redfield after 1050 miles plus of riding through six states. I am taking this bike on another iba run to ohio at 2am today. If I complete it, I will finish 2 IBA runs within 5 days of eachother! Whoa

Here we are in Ohio getting ready to leave. Mike Lichter took this pic, good job Mike!


  1. And to think that I get nervous running my '42 at 60 - 65 for two hours!