Thursday, July 2, 2009

petrali pics!

I flew to Milwaukee on Tuesday to go to the HD museum. It was a fun time. We looked at a lot of bikes, but this crazy bike kind of drew me in. I figured you would enjoy some of the pics I took of it.

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  1. Nice recreation wouldn't you say Matt? The original was raced by Stan Dishong of Vallejo, CA. at the dry lakes and the salt flats in the early 50's. It sported just part of the front fairing then. The old Indian dealer, Al Lauer in Sacramento had the rest of the streamlined body parts in his warehouse for quite a while. Don't know where they went. Stan blew up the original twin carb motor on the salt. It later got an twin injectored Pan motor. Joe Petrali lived right down the street from me. Alot of his family still lives here in town. His son sent me his dad's photo collection. Small world.