Wednesday, April 25, 2012

saddlebag pics and 46 shakedown

 I wanted to take this picture of John's 48 before the rear fender got drilled for saddlebag plates.

 And after about an hour and a half of messing around the bag is installed!
 i went for an E.M.R.  to the gym and to pick up some stuff at the auto parts store.
 I had to stop by the auto parts store and get some shrink wrap.  This bike works really nice,  I have to adjust the chain, change the oil, re center the front brake and a few other odds and ends. 
After the gym, I met Brittney at Subway, this subway is in the ugliest new building in town.   The lot that the building is on is right across the street from where I lived when I was four and five years old.  I learned how to ride a bicycle in this parking lot,  everytime I ride or drive by it I get bummed out by seeing this nasty block of a building.  

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