Friday, April 27, 2012

randoms from the last day or two

Here is a pic of the auto gem lights all wired up on John's 48.  These are led lights that are about ten times brighter than stock tail lights.   We built a green knucklehead for tom a few years ago, you can buy the lights from him or through J and P.  He also just started making six volt lights,  I feel a lot better whenever i am riding a bike with these on it.  Safety does not take a vacation.
My dad put Jim's 55 carb back together and installed it.  
Here is the 45 wl carb mounted up.  I am going to finish up the wiring on it this weekend and mount the tanks for good.  I love 45s, they have such great style.
This is a rare picture of inside our testing lab that shows our experimental downdraft linkert carb experiment.  check out the hard hat and how official it makes everything look in this picture.
I took some pictures of our new peek tip gas shut off rods for an ad in the AMCA magazine.  these are so cool and work really well,  
this is another picture that I took for the ad, you can see both styles of seats and rods in this pic.
Check out this amazing shot of a big twin sidevalve that was posted on the AMCA facebook page,  there are people all over the world putting cool pics up every day.  I am amazed, you should go join if you have a facebook account
check out this cool 36 el picture that was just posted on the AMCA Facebook page, I have never seen this pic before.  The bike is pretty stock except for the wild custom bent standard bars. they look pretty cool.
Somebody posted this sweet 46 on there too.   I love the tank paint.

 here is the top of the born free oil tank and some of the bungs that are for it.

check out the top mount, its a 36 transmission mount,  it matches the radius of the filler cap perfectly


  1. Hey Matt, I have seen that Black Cat MC Pic before. Here is an excerpt from the Blue Comet history...1937 "The First Year" The Blue Comet Motorcycle Club was organized in 1937 under the name BLACK CATS. The Blacks Cats originated from the name of the bar they frequented in Point Pleasant PA, north of New Hope PA. Today the Black Cat Bar still stands and is known as "Apple Jacks".
    By the way this is in my area and I also have been know to "frequent" this establishment.

  2. Looking Good Matt!
    I'll send out those drilled 18" rims this week!