Monday, April 2, 2012

Pictures of Brittney and Carl riding red bikes

Last weekend Dan, Brittney and Carl took a spin on old bikes while I was at working. Dan just sent the pics to me, I think they turned out pretty cool. Brittney makes the 41 look big
Here is my dad riding John's 48. This bike is awesome. I took it out yesterday.
Here is an action shot of miss brittney. This shot is timeless.


  1. Hey Matt, ur ole lady looks great on some vintage iron! its crazy how different her and ur dad make the same size bikes look. No offense meant, ur a lucky guy, cool chicks (that can ride a foot clutch) are hard to come by! You guys rock. And watch out for that vicious dog, he might wake up from a nap and need an ear scratchin'

  2. ...and Carl makes the 48 look small - Ha!

  3. I guess somebody has to stay behind to pay the rent...Cool Pics!

  4. Hi Carl. Sorry to use your blog to make contact, but could not find your email anywhere. I have recently taken ownership of a 1995 London Fairway Driver Taxi and was given your name as a possible resource for repair and restoration. Reading your blog tells me you probably have so much going on in your life that you may not have time to deal with the niggles it will most assuredly develop..especially electrical!! But I thought you might know a good place for me to use as my go to repair shop for things I am ill equiped to handle. If nothing else, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Thanks