Wednesday, October 28, 2009

front fork leg repair!!!!

This front leg is really messed up, it is all dimpled, kinked and bent out of shape. The other leg is in good shape, which is strange, but it's still a good thing. Roger and I made up a ton of front legs a couple of years ago, they are flat on the inside and dimpled just like originals.

In this pic, I have cut off the old leg, and ground what was left of the original fork leg out of the forging. These legs were pinned and brazed together when they were new. Some guys heat up the casting and try to pull the tube out, which is not good.

I have the fork bolted down and straight when I do the plug welds. This picture is what the leg looks like after being ground and filed. I still have to silver solder it so that it looks cosmetically right. The plug welds and tight fit of the tube in the forging make this a strong enough set up to run as is.

Here is the finished repair, this is a great fix that will last a long time.

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  1. I would love to purchase some of these replacement big twin legs, but can't seem to contact anyone to order a set. Do you have any left?