Friday, November 1, 2013

tour of Harley Headquarters and museum visit

 Britt and I went to Wisconsin to tour birthing centers a couple weeks ago and stopped by Milwaukee on our miniature midwest tour.  Here is a cool photo of one of the old transformer from the factory.
 I have seen a few cut away motors over the years but never seen an entire cut away bike.  Here is a sturgis that was cut up to show off the dual belt drive set up
 Bill took some time and showed us the back of the archives.   There is so much cool stuff in the museum and cool stuff that is not even shown.
 Check out all the nos tanks on the shelves and the Vr1000 body kits
 Here is the infamous fred dixon john cameron eight valve
 i love these ported sleeves for the model hx carbs
 Randy smith's magnum was on display.  Here is a grenaded bottom end out of one of his first attempts at the magnum
 Of course we had to stop and see SLOJOE's old fat boy.  Nice fender tips joe!

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