Thursday, July 11, 2013

born free five bike and event pics

 after 1800 miles we made it!!!
 the show was absolutely amazing.  it was 50 percent bigger than last years show and absolutely packed. it still had a mellow laid back feel to it even with all of the people in attendance.

 I had a lot more fun at this years show than last years,  I think it is because I rode my bike from South Dakota to California to attend it.   Born Free is the best show in the country if you can make it to the show next year, you should really try to do it.
 i dont know whos bike this is but it was pretty fun looking.  It also looks like it just got pulled out of a barn
 This was a really great looking knucklehead

 Trent's shovelhead was very cool
 Andre from arizona made this amazing dual carb intake   His bike was very nice
 Duane ballard really builds a perfectly done digger style japanese bike
 This was Janeeves bike for the builder invite. .It really has a cartoony/stylized and fun feel to it.   It seems very refreshing and fun.
 man o man.  Good job bobby
 Thanks for all the support Loser Machine
 This knuckle was from chicago and was my favorite knucklehead at the show.  It is so nicely thought out and finished
 narrowed nacelle

 This bike was built by a japanese guy who has a shop called hogkillers?  It was a really nice bike

 Here is Georges old desert racing two cam.  This bike looks like a ton of fun to ride
 I really like this knucklehead it looks like a lot of fun
 Chucks henderson won best preserved or most original.  IT was a really nice long tank four
 This bike was so nicely preserved
 This clutch set up was so clever
 This bike was phenomenal.  OLD STF made it, and its soooo clean.

 This is Scott Jone's son having fun on my bike.  Scott won best in show with his neat panhead.

 just a couple of first year bikes hanging out on the beach
 Erics wheel in the sand
 I had to put some sand on the circus wagon's front wheel
 Coast to coast Eric
 Me and the Pacific Ocean
 A guy from South Carolina rode this bike to born free.  Lock made the exhaust
 This is tom fugles bike, it is so trick and nice
This is a pretty amazing bike that my friend George put together.  

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