Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the last month

It has been a great month and we have gotten a lot done.  I was having problems with the blog.  My pictures would not load,  it turns out that i exceeded the free storage capacity that google gives you for your account. After an hour of waiting on the phone I figured out how to buy extra storage needed in order to keep updates going.  Anways, less computer talk and more motorcycle talk!!!  The picture above is of bill's sidecar body.  I picked some paint up from Mikes a few days ago and saw this.  It is really nice and turning out great.   I think its either going to get painted silver or dark metalic blue.   we still have some time to decide.
I've been riding Dave's 45 around and tweaking and adjusting it.  Its really a joy to ride.  Tonight I am putting a wr p pad on it.  I will post some pics later on.  These bikes are so nimble and fun to ride.
We picked this 47 up from our friend Ken.  We restored this bike 12 years ago.  It is really choice and just as nice as the day we finished it.  We cleaned the carb and it fired right up.  It also has a sidecar.  Ken is selling both of them after making some life changes. email the shop for more info if you would like a choice 47
One of the big projects around the shop besides riding and finishing bikes in the last month has been finishing up the barn.  This is my friend Marko,  he is 6 10 and from serbia,  he has been helping with painting and running wires and pex tubing.   It is really handy to have someone helping you that is this tall.  Here is a picture of him on Jim's 39.   Check out the clearance between his knee and the handlebar. I will do some more posts through out the rest of the week.   have a great day