Friday, March 2, 2012

knuckleheads from outer space starting up some 46s and frame photos

My friend Doug sent me this picture of a 30 foot banner at theEiteljorg museum in Indiana, he owns the bike on the banner. My dad and I built it for him a couple years ago. Larry Medwig did the body work and paint job. He did such a good job that they blew a picture of the bike up to giant size and you still can't find a flaw.

I started up both 46s yesterday, I have to shim the generator up on Wayne's 46, but it only takes five minutes. They both started up really easily, and sound good.

Dan and I spent the rest of the day prepping Sean's 47 fram

Here it is bolted in the jig. The axle plates were a little off.

Here is Brittney with the LASER!!! and appropriate eye wear.

Making slugs for the bottom rails.

The pads on the motor mounts were really worn, so I surface ground both sides, it took .020 to clean them up, but now they are perfectly flat and ready to go.

laser checking center line on motor and neck fixture. These things are so damn handy

All ready for welding the main parts together

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