Thursday, October 28, 2010

dreams accomplished and dreams in process

Here is a pic of me on the road on my sears a few days before the crash.

Here is a 42 that the sheet metal is getting fit on. I am really excited about this bike and am looking forward to riding it. It belongs to a hd dealer in Texas and is going to be primo!

And my next long term project just showed up in the mail today. It is a 1917 pope left hand case, I found a right hand case in Australia and will have a bike some day. I have too much healing and work to do for customers to be in a position to tackle this project right now, but I can still collect parts and day dream. life would be boring with out projects.


  1. Hey Matt, glad you are healing. Tried to call you a while back and you weren't around, ended up talking to your pop for a little while. Hope he relayed my well wishes. I just had carpal tunnel surgery, so I can't wrench these days either, it sucks.

  2. Matt,

    Glad to see that you are healing well. I have followed you since the beginning and look forward to your future adventures. Keep up the great work.You are a solid ambassador of classic and vintage motorcycling!!.

    Chris @

  3. Matt, Scrape off that patina and sell it on Ebay. You riding again yet? Too cold now in SD? You should see Thailand for riding weather. Unbelievable. Looking forward to the Pope guts and all. Gonna tweak it for some juice???? Mmmmmm. Thanks and take care, Paul Venne Laksong Thailand